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Kathie Housel Bogue is known across the country as America's Premier Silhouette Artist.  Cutting entirely freehand using only surgeons' scissors and special silhouette paper, she cuts the finest portrait silhouettes available today.
For over forty-two years Kathie Housel Bogue has been cutting portrait silhouettes in better department stores, antiques shows, art and craft shows, fundraisers, children's shops and by mail order.
Her attention to detail and her ability to capture a person's likeness and even personality is uncanny.
See Examples of Silhouettes.

K. Housel Bogue
Presenting the Finished Product!

Now Mrs. Bogue is expanding her horizons by offering you the opportunity to use her services online .  You may send your profile photographs and she will cut the silhouettes just as if she were cutting from life.
She is also offering 5"x7"  traditiional oval frames suitable for framing her silhouettes.
The history of silhouettes is an interesting one, and the story of the Housel family in the art of cutting silhouettes is truly rare, as three generations are currently wielding their scissors!
Kathie Housel Bogue is now in semi-retirement and has discontinued traveling but is still doing silhouettes through this website and by mail or email.   

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Kathie Housel Bogue
212 Nydegg Road
New Bern, NC 28562
(252)634-2286  or cell (252)671-1615