Silhouettes by K. Housel Bogue
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Examples of Silhouettes
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Here are some examples of the high quality and  style of Kathie's silhouettes.  As you can see, hair styles and hair ornaments make quite an impact as do the extra details of things like glasses, stray hair, collars, posture and the expressions of the subject. 

I will be unavailable from Dec.5, 08 until Jan 4, 09 so act quickly if you want silhouettes for Christmas!
You may want to peruse these silhouettes to get an idea what kinds of details appeal to you!

This is an excellent photograph from which to cut. Zach has very nice, but relaxed posture, with a relaxed normal facial expression, and he is facing to the right at a ninety degree angle . He is very special as he is my seven year old grandson!.

Boy age seven
He's a spikey one!! I love him!

Silhouettes are mounted on 5"x7" white vellum and all papers used are acid free.
Silhouettes by mail are priced at $32 per person for two copies (mirror images) and each additional copy is $12.  Postage is $2 for silhouettes.

Adults make lovely silhouettes too!
Kathrine is thirty years old!

Marshall, a College Age Fellow


My current brochure silhouette cover

This is what I call an "overlap",
Two individuals on one card

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