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Excellent Profile I Could Work From
Although Hard To See Back of Head

Here is Hannah B.
Perfect photo for me to cut from!


I do a lot of silhouettes through the mail.  You can either e-mail or snail mail me exact profile photographs, and I can cut the silhouettes and send them to you upon receipt of your check. 


   1.    Subject should stand (if old enough) so he will have good posture. 

2.      The subject should be facing to your right, so you aim your camera (AT EAR LEVEL) "in the right ear and out the left ear.”

3.       Make sure all of the subject's head, hair, and shoulders are included. 

4.      The subject should have a relaxed expression, not smiling (which flattens the lips and shows teeth), and

5.      Should be looking straight ahead of himself, looking neither up nor down.


The price for silhouettes is $32 per person for two copies.  Additional copies of the same person are $12 each. Postage is $2.

Please send your photographs and Check for the appropriate amount to:

Kathie Bogue

212 Nydegg Road

New Bern, NC 28562

 Phone: 252.634.2286

cell: 252.671.1615








You may also contact me by email at:

I am no longer traveling to do silhouettes, so in order to have them done, just email me profile snapshots. Tell me how many copies you need and what frames if any you would like to order.

Or give us a call at (252) 634-2286
If unable to reach us there, try my cell (252) 671-1615

Ordering Frames

Frames and Prices

Make sure you look at our Frames and Prices page to see what frames you might like.  You may identify the frame you want by its price.  Add that to the silhouette price, and add $3 per frame for postage and handling.